2019 Holiday order deadlines:

International: December 1st

USA: December 10th

If you would like to ensure your order arrives by 12/24 please no later than the dates listed above!

If you need any help ordering just click the contact link or email me at plugsbyemma@gmail.com


Starfish Plugs (sizes 5/8-2")

$38.00 - $52.00 From $38.00 $38.00

Each pair of seashell plugs is completely one of a kind! I always try to find the best pair starfish for each set of plugs, and they also have real sand inside! Available sizes 5/8-2"! Sold in pairs, made on surgical steel single flare tunnels (double flare can be used upon request!). Starfish can range in color from an orange to a brown shade, but I'll try my best to find those that match best for each pair, also the sand may vary in size and color depending on what I may have in stock.

(Please keep in mind these are made to order and will take at least 7-14 business days to be handmade before they will ship out.)

All starfish were purchased from a facility that collects them once they die naturally, so I am just preserving their beauty :)

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