Sprinkle Plugs (sizes 2g-2")

$28.00 - $50.00 From $28.00 $28.00

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One pair of single flare surgical steel plugs (with o-rings), both containing real sprinkles!

Available in 16 different color combos shown in the photo and specific colors listed below:

Galaxy- white, green, blue, purple and black

Valentine- pink, red and white

Rainbow- white, blue, yellow, purple, pink, green and orange

AKA- pink, green and white

Winter- blue, white and purple

Ladybug- red, black and white

Peacock- green, blue and purple

Punk- black and hot pink

Princess- Purple and hot pink

Patriot- red, white and blue

Summer- yellow, white, pink and purple

Spring- yellow, blue, pink and white

Bright- hot pink, orange and white

Bumble- yellow, white and black

Popcorn- yellow and white

Funky- pink, black and yellow

Please keep in mind these are made to order, and will take at least 7-14 business days to be made before they will ship out.

(Feel free to e-mail me if you have a custom order, and please check out my FAQ section on here before ordering!)

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