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Image of Monster & Bride Plugs

Monster & Bride Plugs

$25.00 - $50.00

One pair of single flare surgical steel plugs (with o-rings), one showing the monster and one showing the bride!

Please keep in mind these are made to order, and will take at least 7-14 business days to be made before they will ship out.

Image of Halloween Image Plugs (sizes 2g-2")
Halloween Image Plugs (sizes 2g-2")
Image of Halloween Sprinkle Plugs (sizes 2g-2")
Halloween Sprinkle Plugs (sizes 2g-2")
Image of HocPoc Plugs (Sizes 2g-2")
HocPoc Plugs (Sizes 2g-2")
Image of Halloween Glitter Plugs (sizes 2g-2")
Halloween Glitter Plugs (sizes 2g-2")
Image of NMBC Plugs (sizes 2g-2")
NMBC Plugs (sizes 2g-2")
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